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  • Because of my experience in both gameplay design, and visual design, I am able to keep the overview over the entire level, and keep both of these important aspects in mind at all times. I know exactly what would work from a visual point of view, and from a gameplay point of view, and can therefore match the the two together much better than artists or designers who only have experience in one of the two.

  • I know what kind of things are technically feasible, and what isn't. I always design things that I know are easy to implement, work well in the available technology, are doable in the amount of time available, yet still look and play great.

  • I have experience with a wide range of themes and styles. I have worked on third and first person shooters, MMO's, puzzle games, and so on.

  • I have experience with a wide range of different type of levels. Indoor, outdoors, large and open, closed and confined. Singleplayer, coop, and multiplayer.

  • I can build environments using nothing but BSP, or nothing but mesh, or I can combine the two. Levels like Krodan were modeled entirely, however levels for The Ball made great use of both BSP and mesh, and my UT levels used nothing but BSP.

  • I have experience with both indoor and outdoor levels and a wide range of themes. Urban, sci-fi, medieval, fantasy, nature, contemporary, post apocalypse, and so on.

  • I have extensive experience with singplayer. I have done singleplayer levels for The Ball, Syndicate, The Chronicles of Spellborn, and Shellshock nam'67.

  • I am well versed in Kismet scripting and entity based scripting, but I usually refrain from touching any text based scripting languages.

  • I have a huge amount of experience with multiplayer level design. I have created over 60 multiplayer levels, and I have created two of the most popular multiplayer levels ever (Rankin and Torlan - UT2004).

  • I have designed multiplayer levels for "Huxley", "Unreal Tournament 2004", "Rekoil", and "Warpath". Four multiplayer only games, where the sole focus was providing great multiplayer experiences.

  • I have played over 250 clan wars on a pretty high level. I know what it is to play a game online, and to play it on a competitive level.

  • I have designed dozens of levels for the traditional three: DM, TDM, and CTF, but also for many other gametypes such as the vehicle based Onslaught for "UT2004", and the melee combat arenas for "The Chronicles of Spellborn".