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  • 30 Years old, shared Belgian and Dutch nationality. Living in Sweden. Fluent in Dutch and English, intermediate Swedish, basic French.
  • Been creating levels for 15 years, and this is the 12th year that I am professionally active within the games industry.
  • I specialize in the Unreal Engine. 15 Years of experience with the Unreal Engine including Unreal Engine 4. Worked on seven Unreal Engine games.


  • October 2009 - Today: Teotl Studios - Creative Director/Project Lead/Tech Art/Level Artist
  • January 2009 - Today: FutureGames - Game Design Head Teacher/Internship Coordinator
  • February 2012 - May 2013: Plastic Piranha - Contract Level Artist
  • February 2008 - October 2009: Starbreeze - Senior Level Designer
  • January 2007 - December 2007: Webzen - Contract Level Designer/Artist
  • October 2004 - August 2007: Khaeon Games - Senior Level Artist
  • June 2005 - September 2005: Digital Extremes - Contract Level Designer
  • May 2004 - August 2004: Epic Games - Contract Level Designer
  • September 2003 - September 2004: Guerrilla Games - Environment Artist
  • May 2003 - September 2003: Epic Games - Contract Level Designer
  • February 2003 - May 2003: Streamline Studios - Contract 3D Modeler


  • Worked for Guerrilla Games, Starbreeze, and Khaeon Games as a full time employee.
  • Set up my own development studio Teotl Studios, secured funding from several sources, and set up the distribution and marketing of two titles. Studio has to date sold over 350 000 copies of its games.
  • As an independent freelancer I completed contracts for Webzen, Epic Games, Digital Extremes, Streamline Studios, Prophecy Games, Psyonix Studios, Plastic Piranha, Toxic Games.
  • I have been involved in the development of: Unmechanical, The Ball, The Chronicles of Spellborn, Unreal Tournament 2004, Unreal Tournament 2004 ECE, Killzone, Shellshock Nam 67, Warpath, Huxley, and Syndicate.
  • Particularly of note was my work on The Chronicles of Spellborn. I organized and directed the entire environment team which was about 15 people large at its peak. I designed the workflow, educated people in the technology, directed the environment style, and I made sure everyone held on to the technical constraints and quality levels that were set.
  • Also worth mentioning is that the levels I have made for Epic Games' Unreal Tournament 2004 became some of the most popular levels of the Unreal series ever. I created both the two demo levels, as well as an E3 demo level.
  • Last but not least, for the game The Ball I was not only the Project Lead and Creative Director, but I also took care of 90% of all environment assets, a big chunk of all level script and all level design, I did all effects in the game, and I took care of all marketing and community related responsibilities. I designed the gameplay, the art style, the technical constraints, workflows, and so on. I managed a team that at its peak was 15 developers large, and we hit all deadlines.


  • Head Teacher Game Design and Internship coordinator at FutureGames in central Stockholm. A position that has me organise and work with up to 70 students, as well as handle the relations with all of the game development companies in Sweden.
  • Have given workshops on Unreal Engine 3 to game development studios who had just acquired the engine: Vstep, Playlogic, Starbreeze.
  • Lectured about level design and the Unreal Engine at Universities in various countries including Playground Squad, The Garden, University of Kortrijk, University of Stockholm, University of Gotland.
  • I run one of the most popular and most referenced Unreal Engine 3 tutorial websites, with 5 million pageviews so far, and wrote extended tutorials for magazines like Game Developer Magazine
  • I have written two books. One on the games industry and one on level design. I self-published these and managed the entire process on my own.
  • Produced long and in-depth training DVDs for the Unreal Engine - 27 hours in total. Wrote a long Unreal Engine 3 tutorial for Game Developer Magazine.


  • I have been deeply involved in the modding communities. I have created dozens of levels and mods through the years, some of which passed the quarter of a million download mark.
  • I have won over a dozen prizes in the world's biggest game development contest: the Make Something Unreal contest (UT2004/UT3 editions). Eight times a first place, and 15 top-5 positions. A feat very few other people have managed, if anyone.
  • Involved in tons of community events over the years. Ranging from forum moderator at some of the biggest forums in a region, to having been running the Unreal IRC channels for over a decade, having set up and running the thousands of people large LinkedIn groups Level Design and Unreal Engine Developers, having run the worlds largest Unreal Level upload and review website for years (Nalicity), Unearthly Challenge judge,and so on.